World of Tanks |OT| Big guns and penetration

You take your tank into 15 vs. Winning awards you credits and XP for you to upgrade your tank and research new tanks. All vehicles are divided up by tiers and as you research new tanks you ascend the tech tree, facing opponents appropriate to the tier of your tank. Combat in World of Tanks is much more methodical than most multiplayer online shooters. For example, tank treads and turrets have a maximum turning speed. Where you hit an enemy tank is also very important. Not only do tanks have tougher armor in the front than the sides or rear, but the damage model on tanks are so detailed that you can disable tanks by shooting out their treads, or pierce weakpoints such as crew hatches or machine gun turrets. The primary role of the light tank is scouting, making good use of their speed, small profile and powerful radios. When a tank has visual on an enemy, the position is relayed to all allies within radio range.

World of Tanks

We understand that you have plenty more premium tanks to dish out, is it possible to have 2 different battles such as premium battle and random battle and keeping premium tanks strictly to premium maps unless they are in platoon to improve the overall game quality. Every game balance change we implement is based on the statistics we gather and process daily.

The only advantage to a premium tank is the economic benefits players get from them, and this is where we come back to the core basics of our free2play model — premium stuff accelerates your progress through the game. In previous interviews, wargaming. You have raised the price of Lowe due to high demand, why was Type 59 not monitored more carefully that you had to remove it from Game Shop in short notice. It, thus, had a far bigger and, unfortunately, negative impact on the in-game balance than the Loewe, for instance.

– tancuri de Tier 5/6 cu care cistigi credite (dar din pacate sunt macelarite de matchmaking) Ah, eu mai nou ma dau cu AMX Uneori e fun sa vezi cum dispare un

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If the AMX 13 90 is researched: The crew will not be retrained from the AMX 13 90 to the Batignolles-Chatillon 12t (including dismissed crew members that are available for recovery). The Batignolles-Chatillon 12t with a vehicle slot and a crew trained to 50% is added to the account.

March 27, , Planning to add garage battles with limited respawn, e. Armura frontala a lui T ? Quote totally correct mm for the beak at front, the front plate itself will be still mm. Se muta transmisia lui E si E in fata? Quote This definitely won’t be done in the foreseeable future. Quote Yes, we are considering some changes and improvements which I can’t disclose at the moment. Modificari ale dimensiunilor King Tiger-ului dupa 7. Quote KT is going to be somewhat bigger in 7.

Two French tanks that are currently available for testing will be publicly available in 7. Ceva buff-uri la T ? Quote Seriously doubt, performance wise T now is quite good and further adjustments are possible, but unlikely.

World of Tanks |OT| Big guns and penetration

American As you can see, in addition to vehicles that fought, there are quite a few of prototypes, paper projects, and immediate postwar vehicles. Below the main trees are “special tanks” – on the left are premium tanks bought with real money, on the right are ones that you’ll get either with the game box, or at special events. Combat is fairly straightforward – two teams of fifteen tanks each start on opposite sides of a map, about a kilometer square. Each team starts near a flag; around a flag there is a meter circle.

If an enemy tank drives within that circle, they start accumulating capture points – if your flag is captured, you lose; unless you capture the enemy flag within 10 seconds of your own flag being captured, in which case the round is a draw.

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Leave a comment I already own a number of premium tanks. However, for various reasons I do desire more. These are not inclinations I will be able to act on in the near future, but for when I do have some free gold here is my current shopping list. The reasons are almost entirely aspergic. Unlike many premiums it does not benefit from any special matchmaker, but I do not mind that.

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World Of Tanks Magzaine #Issue 3

Orgun Transhumanist On frenchy notes: I am up to the lorraine on the medium tree. Killing a low in under 20 seconds if he lets you get beside him is hilarious.

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Ways to gain access to the test include completing several easy in-game tasks! Check out the Official War Thunder Forums to find out more! Lorraine 40t AMX New Locations A new location for combined battles known as “Maginot Line” has also been added in this update – A famous French defense line full of bunkers and fortifications.

The camo will be chosen depending on the location urban, desert, winter etc. If the vehicle dosen’t have suitable camo then standard camouflage will be chosen. Game mechanics New opportunities for light vehicles [warthunder. After that an enemy marker will become visible for all your teammates for 30 seconds. In Realistic mode you will have to use binoculars or sight sniper view. After that a marker will appear over the enemy vehicle and will be updated for 30 seconds.

Additional modifications for light vehicles II-VI rank:

Update 4.2’s Top-Tier Light Tanks

People who think artillery is a Game-Breaker versus those who think it’s Acceptable Breaks from Reality due to its unique top-down view when in sniper mode, immense firepower combined with a high chance of hitting the top armor, the weakest point of any tank, and decent accuracy even from across the map, often hitting tanks which are slowly moving or not moving at all. Since the early days of the Closed Beta, artillery accuracy, penetration, splash damage, shell travel times, and accuracy penalties for moving have all been nerfed, and some people still think they’re overpowered.

Artillery can be infuriating for those who do not understand that their purpose is to introduce a new threat to being spotted – getting OHK’d for taking inadequate cover. Artillery vehicles are supposed to be worthless as anything but extremely long-ranged glass cannons adding firepower to a forward team – and their existence as such gives worth to Mediums and Lights as both scouts and as artillery-killers. Artillery is also a serious point of contention on the forums at the very least, on the North American ones.

 · Son matchmaking lui rend d’ailleurs un bel hommage, il est"avantagé” pour compenser les défauts ci-dessus. Heureusement d’ailleurs, je ne voudrais pas rencontrer avec lui les tanks que je croise avec mon T50 Même avis pour moi mais il débloque l’AMX 12t qui lui est très plaisant donc j’ai considéré l’AMX 40 comme un mal ?t=

Game Theory 9 Donations Currently the website gets over 25, visits per day, and a server to keep up with such a demand does not come cheap! If you find the website worth it, please consider donating! You can become a Patron and set up a monthly donation at: The AMX 13 90 is a french tier 8 scout. As such, it faces tier 9 or above every game.

However, its small size, great camo, and good view range make it an effective scout and its 6 shot autoloader can unload substantial amounts of damage. On the down side, it has very poor base penetration considering its opponents and very poor fire control, depression, and so on. I load in and see this — tanks are similar, but unfortunately my team is all orange and the hostiles are mostly green. So I move to cap and set up a passive scout. I clip out a Type 59 early.

And then eliminate a scout trying to probe the north. However, I take fire in return. I then eliminate a Super Pershing, taking more damage again. By this point we have won the battle for the cap, but the middle and east are doing very poorly.

CS Army – World of Tanks CZ/SK klan

This gun is all about the burst damage it can cause, with its high damage per shell and good penetration of shells. To achieve this, it sacrifices both the rate of fire and accuracy, but neither to a great extent. In fact, once the magazine is loaded, all 6 shells can be delivered rather fast, in about 14 seconds, which in turn allows this tank to cause massive amounts of damage fast.

However, once the magazine is empty, this tank becomes defenseless for a rather long period, which in turn presents the largest drawback of this gun.

Dec 07,  · That’s not exactly true anymore now that everybody with a derp is chucking permium rounds that have the same (or higher) pen than AP rounds they could be tossing.

The R5 featured a steeply sloping rear hatchback and front dashboard. It was launched onto the right-hand drive UK market in the autumn of , where alongside the recently launched Fiat it competed as an imported but more modern alternative to British Leyland’s Mini and Chrysler Europe’s Hillman Imp ; there was still no competitor in this sector of the market from Ford or Vauxhall.

The 5 narrowly missed out on the European Car of the Year award, which was instead given to the Audi The R5 borrowed mechanicals from the similarly popular Renault 4 , using a longitudinally-mounted engine driving the front wheels with torsion bar suspension. OHV engines were borrowed from the Renault 4 and larger Renault 8: It was one of the first modern superminis, which capitalised on the new hatchback design, which Renault had patented on its R16 , launched in It was launched a year after the booted version of the Fiat , and during the same year that the became available with a hatchback.

The R5 was launched three years before the Volkswagen Polo and Vauxhall Chevette , and four years before the Ford Fiesta – new superminis which met the growing demand for this type of car in Western Europe. British Leyland was working on a new modern supermini during the s, but the end product – the Austin Metro – was not launched until Although the mechanical components came from earlier models, body construction involved floor sections welded together with the other body panels, resulting in a monocoque structure.

The monocoque structure reduced the car’s weight, but required investment in new production processes. First generation, three door First generation, five doors:

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This is done with only FORWARD mounted turrets Very prominent on the IS series of Russian Heavies You do the same thing as traditional sidescraping, but you put your backside towards the building instead of your front, and proceed to come out of cover like this. You would think this would be foolish due to your rear armor being towards the enemy but in reality it is effective because with your turret being so far forward and your rear being hidden by the obstacle, you can actually do this better than traditional sidescraping.

Pretend that the turret is on the front of the tank and that the back side is facing the building. Ammo Types There are many different types of ammo in WoT. Without getting into the hard to explain and understand details, AP shells work like this: They have high penetration and travel at a good speed.

Game Description. World of Tanks is a team-based massively multiplayer online action game dedicated to armored warfare. Throw yourself into the epic tank battles of World War II .

This also includes equivalent calibers in inches, pounds, or centimeters. The GLD is particularly useful on certain guns which have a very long aim time. On vehicles which can mount vertical stabilizers, use a GLD in combination with a Vertical Stabilizer for maximum aim time reduction, but vertical stabilizers are generally considered more beneficial than GLDs when available. GLDs are available on almost all vehicles of all Nations, from Tier The actual accuracy rating of the gun does not change.

An excellent piece of equipment for players that prefer offensive play. Use in combination with an Enhanced Gun Laying Drive for maximum aim time reduction, but vertical stabilizers are generally considered more beneficial than GLDs when avaliable.

Vorstellung AMX 12t [World of Tanks – Gameplay – Deutsch]