Stefan, Elena, and Damon

Elijah was alive, Jeremy had an exposition explosion, Isobel spoke very slowly, Alaric was Klaus, and Matt broke my heart into million tiny pieces. Katherine begging to be killed, but Klaus considering that too merciful? Am I the only one who thought he was going to kiss her at the end there? Bonnie makes a good point, by the way. Who does clean the Salvatore broodinghouse? Somehow I can imagine Damon in rubber gloves almost as successfully as I can imagine him owning a bowl of multicolored soaps… oh. They both seem a little sad, but resigned. The facial expressions happening with Damon right now are a little intense, though. Wait… they were expecting Elena to sign the lease and just stay in the house forever? Was Damon planning on homeschooling her?

‘Vampire Diaries’ EPs On If Tonight’s Finale Is Really The End, What’s Next & ‘Buffy’

The opening scene featured Stefan speaking to Damon through bars in the Salvatore family’s dungeon of a basement. Damon is weak, starving, and he isn’t wearing the ring that keeps him from burning in the sun. Stefan says that he’s not trying to punish his brother, just to reeducate him. He killed five people and chowed down on two more. I’d say a little punishment is justified

So Enzo isn’t as dead as Damon thought and Damon may have become what Elena feared most. Here are my questions after “The Cell” No. 1-Was Katherine and Stefan the surprise hook up that was alluded to?

Elena gilbert is the female protagonist and begin dating. Looking awfully cozy in an upcoming episode. The vampire diaries season 8: All services are payable in full at the time of your appointment and we will gladly transmit your claims electronically for you to receive your money back as quick as possible from your insurance agency. Does elena and damon start dating Might get caught but the fear of god until i could.

Damon, hurt and angered by this, bitterly told her that she and katherine had a lot more in common than their physical appearances before leaving her alone on the porch. So, did he leave the show to save their relationship? Damon, like the secretly good bad guy he is, goes home to dump elena. After she becomes a full-fledged vampire, he gives her a daylight ring.

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With that, and the conclusion of the eight-season saga of the Salvatore brothers and their friends, family and foes in a now-safe Mystic Falls, we saw the Paul Wesley-portrayed Stefan sacrifice himself but eventually be reunited in the final scene with his brother Damon, played by Ian Somerhalder. Really two finales in one, with the end of Season 8 and the end of the Julie Plec – and Kevin Williamson -developed show based on L. So, that ending with the multi-year jump in time, Elena alive and at medical school, the letter and money from Klaus to Caroline and brothers Stefan and Damon reunited, is The Vampire Diaries really over?

The Vampire Diaries is over.

Most new episodes of Vampire Diaries have this plot structure: XYZ is trying to kill Elena/Stefan/etc. so the rest of the gang has to kill XYZ and/or kill some random person XYZ tells them to in.

Modal Trigger With “The Vampire Diaries” kicking off its sixth season on Thursday night, we’re looking back at Damon and Elena’s most memorable moments from the series. During the season finale, things take a turn for the unexpected when the two kiss on her front porch after an intimate conversation. Or so we think. Unfortunately for Damon, his dream-come-true is actually a nightmare in disguise — in the form of his supposedly dead ex, Katherine also played by Nina Dobrev , in fact.

With his final moments looming, Elena curls up to the dying Damon and kisses him gently. He survives, thanks to an impeccably timed appearance by Katherine, who arrives with a cure to save his life. Though Stefan is still very much in the picture despite a rough patch with his lady love , Elena finds herself drawn to the elder Salvatore. McQueen , in tow. Her feelings ultimately boil over and she runs out of the motel room with Damon following. The two then share their first epic kiss soon to be many.

The Vampire Diaries: Season 3, Episode 19 :: Heart of Darkness

Serpent’s Tongue by ShadowOkamiYokai reviews Creed always had someone behind the scenes, that was part of the Apostles but no one, knew about him. How would they feel to someone that lives in a house that’s filled with reptiles of every kind, and can also speak to them? Black Sky by Umei no Mai reviews When you’re a Black, you’re a Black and nobody gets to hold all the cards except you. Not a Dark Lord with a grudge, not a Headmaster with a prophecy and certainly not the world’s most influential Mafia Family

Elena wonders if Tyler knows about Caroline and Klaus’s hook up. Damon tells her indeed he does thanks to Katherine. Elena starts coughing uncontrollably and it brings up blood.

Bonnie is tired of walking on eggshells since Elena rejected Damon and is ready to give him a few lessons. I suck at summaries! I’m glad you guys like the last chapter! And I’m glad that most of you won’t mind if some chapters are longer than others! I’ll use it to my advantage insert evil laugh here I’m grateful for all the reviews, favs and follows. You guys are sweet! Nope, I do not own the characters. Bonnie was getting impatient.

Damon hadn’t texted her that he was back as yet. And if he let her know that he was back she wouldn’t have to do the locator spell. Bonnie looked to her side and saw Elena looking through the window. She seems so concerned.

‘The Vampire Diaries’: Elena And Damon Hook Up, But Is It What It Seems? (VIDEO)

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THE VAMPIRE DIARIES Damon Salvatore/ Elena Gilbert/ Ian Somerhalder/ Nina Dobrev/ Delena/ The Vampire Diaries/ TVD The Vampire Diaires Damon & Bonnie xD TVD – the awkward hook up that I was mad happened / “Woke Up With a Monster” – Elena and Damon “Woke Up With a Monster” – Elena and Damon, Damon and Elena both liked to joke they are.

July 25, – 6 years 4 months ago Season 3 is mostly centered on the love triangle of the main trio and also the original vampire family. It picks up about two months after the end of Season 2. Klaus and Stefan Salvatore have been searching the east coast for werewolves so that Klaus can create more hybrids. Elena Gilbert and Damon Salvatore have been looking for them, hoping to bring Stefan back home. Damon gives up hope after Stefan kills Andie Star , but it’s renewed when Stefan saves his life from a hybrid.

Stefan flat out tells Elena that he doesn’t want to be with her and that he’s not coming home. While in Chicago, Stefan learns that he and Klaus were once friends and that he knew another Original: Rebekah , Klaus’s sister. Damon and Elena have been growing closer in Stefan’s absence, Alaric Saltzman has been staying at the Gilbert residence, and Jeremy Gilbert has been seeing the ghosts of Anna and Vicki Donovan.

Bill Forbes comes to town after learning about Caroline Forbes being a vampire and tries to condition her, but fails. In addition to Liz Forbes now being on their side, Tyler Lockwood shows Carol Lockwood what he is, and it reverses her stance on vampires and the supernatural. Damon snaps Alaric’s neck to get him out of the way of him attacking Bill.

The Vampire Diaries 4.02 ‘Memorial’ Review

The Vampire Diaries 4. This episode is so jam packed with action and poignant moments as Elena Nina Dobrev adjusts to vampire feeding habits and heightened emotions, all while dealing with a new and very dangerous visitor to Mystic Falls. We open with the debate that we knew was coming; what kind of blood Elena should drink.

Stefan Paul Wesley is pro the woodland diet, whereas Damon Ian Somerhalder thinks that the only stuff that is good enough is human.

The Vampire Diaries is one of the longest running vampire shows ever. It ran for a total of eight seasons so there was a lot to remember throughout the entire series. Can you remember when Elena started dating Damon?

Start the Quiz The Vampire Diaries is one of the longest running vampire shows ever. It ran for a total of eight seasons so there was a lot to remember throughout the entire series. Can you remember when Elena started dating Damon? Or how many times Jeremy “died” in the series only to be brought back to life in some crazy and unimaginable way? How about how the friends got themselves out of some of the toughest situations?

Do you think that you can remember every single thing that happened on The Vampire Diaries? All of the small details that you may think didn’t matter but in fact lead to much larger, more important story lines. This quiz is meant to weed out the die hard fans from the simple spectators who perused the show when they had nothing else to watch.

Elena and Damon

Kat Graham as Bonnie — Photo: Going It Alone Operation: Save Bonnie is still in progress, as Damon is trying to get inside the armory to burn the last Everlasting in order to reverse her Huntress urges. Wow, our vocabulary has expanded in the last seven years.

Feb 20,  · Damon and Elena Spoilers and Speculation RETIRED! Board Information. Board Rules. Plus Damon doesn’t need to ‘hook up‘ for all of Elena’s friends. Doppelgänger Administrator “My Sweet Boy” – Lily Salvatore “My Sweet Innocent Damon” – Katherine Pierce Kat Graham Says Bonnie Will Go Against Elena and Stand by It on The Vampire Diaries.

Really Ezra, Vampires R Us? Would you have preferred Life in a Supernatural City? Oh here we go, sarcasm started already Ezra: Please tell me you and Enzo have gone on a date Enzo: I had that one coming Bonnie Bennet: Yup, got to admire the name though Elena Gilbert: Just a quick question but who is Ezra? I kind of like it, thanks Ezra Lady Clueless: Wait what happened while I was asleep?

Not much, Kai died along with the entire Gemini coven, Heretics come to town along with mother dearest, a supernatural vampire hunter re-emerged, we met siren sisters and Mr and Mrs Devil come to town in the form of Cade and Katherine Lady Clueless:

Elena and Stefan

Linda Ge Last Updated: March 10, 7: After sacrificing himself so that his brother, Elena and the town of Mystic Falls could live, Stefan was mourned by all of his friends, finally finding peace while his new wife Caroline Candice King learned to move on without him, opening a school for gifted youngsters with her ex, Alaric Matthew Davis. Meanwhile, Bonnie Kat Graham finally realized she was strong enough to keep on living without Enzo Michael Malarky and went on to travel the world — after some powerful magic helped save the town, of course.

As for Elena, Stefan got his emotional goodbye with his first love, whispering one last secret into her ear:

This week on The Vampire Diaries, Stefan and Elena have relationship problems. See what you missed in Kidzworld’s recap of “We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes”, which aired November 15,

I mean, she was. We loved each other, but she was also the only person I’ve ever met who actually believed that my brother was worth loving. And she reminded me that I used to believe that about him too. Her faith in him, it brought Damon and me back together, and yeah, I loved her, more than I thought I could love somebody else, but I think in the end I needed him more than I needed her.

Similar to how both Stefan and Damon were in love with Katherine , they later both fell in love with Elena. Unlike Katherine, she did not enjoy both of their love for her. She initially dated Stefan and had a rocky relationship with Damon as she was nervous, assuming he was a killer.

Stefan Salvatore

The Twilight hysteria was just beginning to crest all love for Twilight, I have no career without Twilight and True Blood was, well, a thing. I have said many times in this space that The Vampire Diaries is and always was far better than it needed to be. It was a teen drama, angsty and full of chiseled hunks.

The Vampire Diaries was a great example of its genre in those early days, subverting expectations of what romantic fantasy drama should be and crafting complex, meaningful characters and.

Someday in the near future we will be able to brag to our children including clones and baby robots and Tamagotchis that we were alive during the golden age of The Vampire Diaries. I mean, Seasons 1 and 2 were fine, but those seasons only had ONE kind of vampire. Now we have FOUR kinds. Do you see what I’m saying? Season 3 is richer with vampire species.

None of the characters are boring anymore? Matt is both informed and pro-active? Jeremy is straight-up sympathetic? Even Sheriff Forbes makes good decisions now? Congratulations to the makers of this show, but really, congratulations to US the viewers. Anyway, as you know because you read the internet, Thursday’s episode “Smells Like Teen Spirit” get it?

And boy what a day! It started bright and early for Elena:

The Vampire Diaries: 6×22 – Elena at the hospital with Damon, Kai comes in [HD]