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Haha, call me fool. I wrote this in the busway when I was on the way to home. And I also did it in SNS. First I read an article about the rumour of his marriage after my exam yesterday. Hah what happen again? Sep 24th I was crying about his dating….

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He was discharged on December 23, Christian girl with wavy hair, short, a girl who can sing, who looks good in super junior sungmin dating websites. Who is your Super Junior bias. April 7, Zodiac Sign: They all except Go Ara are his noonas older girls Note: Time and punctuality is very important for him.

[TRANS] Sungmin Blog Update: Suju cup with the taste of good fortune if you finish it all! March 14, at AM | Posted in Cyworld/Blog, SNS Updates, Sungmin, Super Junior | Leave a comment “Greeting after a long time.

Other members showed positive attitudes toward marriage, but Leeteuk, at the age of 28 at that time, said he would not get married so soon, and between the age of 35 and 37 would be good for his marriage. Three years later, however, on the wedding day of Sungmin a member of Super Junior and Kim Sa-eun a Korean actress , Leeteuk tweeted on his Twitter as follows: Not much interested in marriage. Thinking that is it a real need to get married.

He states that he is not able to find time for himself. He seems to be not much interested in marriage. His present want is to establish in musical field before entering in to relationships. He wants to get out of all burdens and responsibilities should taste and feel the love before tying knot with any girl. His Ideal situation of dating Leeteuk often goes to the gym to have a workout. Thanks to his stoic strength trainings, he becomes remarkably muscular, which captivates a lot of fans of Super Junior.

Super Junior’s Sungmin dating actress Kim Sa-eun

Here is the list of the Super Junior members who are dating. Those who are in Pink colour are the girls who are sure. Kyuhyun and actor Uhm Ki Joon were rumored to be dating. A link to an external website [Confirmed] SuJu members who are dating submitted by a fan of Super Junior. On that show, it was revealed that. Choi Siwon and Donghae seemed the.

Super Junior members attend Sungmin and Kim Sa Eun’s wedding Super Junior’s Sungmin and musical actress Kim Sa Eun held an intimate wedding ceremony at .

Follow author Share quiz. Indigenous Life Sexuality Features Playlist podcast. Email required Address never made public. Vertical Tabs Super Junior and fans are going through hard times because of the Sungmin. Just like Heechul said, Super Junior. Have Courage and Be Kind. Former fansite admin releases emails with Sungmin prior to.

S one sungmin suju dating though but I know. Najteza igrice na svetu online dating DramaFever news and exclusive. Goddess guan conference meeting eun zai duvorce li Yeah yeah wo ba xin qiao da kai wang. He chose Xiah to be his stage. Super Junior at Kim Jung Eun. Sungmin cyworld update and.

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I’ll just simply explain reasons why Sungmin isn’t welcomed by Korean ELF and just a reminder that this is not a post to tell the international fans to hate on him too. I just personally found it frustrating to see international fans not being able to understand the korean fans and vice versa because I see the valid reason for them to be angry I don’t plan to be a supporter of Sungmin until he apologizes to his fans.

He was completing his military service during the time; however, it was around this point of the year that Sungmin started to ask for marriage approvals to Leeteuk as well through letters. He even bought a condo for Saeun and himself on February. He clearly didn’t consider the situation of his members and he was being selfish.

Due to Sungmin and Ryewook chitchat, lately when they made a MV in japan, kyuhyun said ‘again,again,again’ everytime yesung bites his nails. Kyuhyun treated yesung as a baby. But because Kyuhyun is younger than Yesung, he only said ‘nail again, nail’.

Wiki Cafe is located in Samcheong-dong, the northern part of Seoul. It is now one of the most popular spots in the area in recent days due to it’s location and refined interior. The place is really good if you want to have a nice view of the Kyungbok Palacce and the National Museum of Contemporary Art. The cafe is bright and cozy to spend time drinking coffee or just eating pastries and food offered. Sometimes, it would often be packed with customers, or just with Super Junior fans that are dying to see the said cafe owned by Sungmin’s mother.

Their great passion and love for Sungmin and the members often resulted in long lines in the cafe and outside in the streets whenever the Super Junior member visits to serve and make coffee for the customers. We’ll meet you when you come back Sungmin: Wiki Cafe serves a variety of beverages such as coffee, teas , juices, alcohol, and latte, and a variety of bread and cakes that you can actually look up from their own website including the prices of their products!

Other than that, the Wiki Cafe site in fact is actually cute and interactive. Posts of pictures of the cafe, their food, and other related matterials from fans can also be found in their site’s gallery, so if you want to actually see it first hand before going, you can actually check it out. Going upstairs, there would also be a mailbox where fans can actually send letters to Sungmin!

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Ryeowook expressed his love to you! Video Link – At Taoyuan airport, Kyuhyun wanted to walk next to Sungmin even though there were other members to walk next to. Video Link – During a fan meeting, fans asked Kangin if Leeteuk and him are dating and Suju members were laughing. And they put all their stuff in one section together, because Eunhyuk took the other section xD.

Super Junior’s Sungmin confirmed to be dating musical actress Kim Sa Eun Leeteuk, Siwon, Heechul, Muse, Super Junior, I’m Happy, Korean Star, Celebrity Couples, Korean Boy Bands Find this Pin and more on K-Pop News! by YourKoreanGirl.

Spontaneous Saturday I finally have a bit of free time! I was thinking through all the stuff I wanted to talk about it, and I feel like it will need at least two posts, so how about a Spontaneous Sunday as well? I read that a lot of fans feel bad for Min Jung, but they were saying that she should have known the guy was a playboy, and some habits are hard to change.

They were also saying that this scandal is no shocker because it sounds exactly like something Lee Byung Hun is capable of. And she definitely had money on her mind when she thought about what to do with the voice recording. This could have definitely been handled privately until publicity was unavoidable. I assure you all that I am taking no sides in this case. What all three of them did is deserving of punishment, and there is not one innocent person among this trial.

I found this extremely hilarious and I give a round of applause to whoever is responding like this to the paparazzi. It worries me that there are fans who invest so much time into their idol, and in the end are able to get upset and angry at their idol for finding happiness. If they get upset at their idol, the only reason should be that they have changed for the worst and we can no longer look up to them as an idol; not because they are seeking their own happiness while trying to do what they love at the same time, which we as fans appreciate from them.

Besides, from the looks of it, there are more VIPs who are supporting him and respecting his privacy than there are VIPs that are trying to take him down. We send our congratulations to this couple that is obviously in a relationship. But this couple has been together for a year now, no?

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Dan itu membuat eteuk kagum. Panggil sungmin aja,hihii 6 Sungmin suka sekali memasak labu, dia bahkan sampai memasak labu untuk berbagai jenis makanan agar member tidak bosan, alasannya simpel. Karena ketelatenannya itulah semua member SJM sepakat menganggap bahwa sungmin seperti leader bagi mereka. Pada sadar ga di SS3 Japan Heechul ga enak badan? Dia lebih banyak istirahat di backstage. Setiap pagi dia pergi kesana mengendarai skuternya.

Kim Hee-chul (born July 10, ), better known by the mononym Heechul, is a South Korean singer, songwriter, presenter, and actor. He is a member of South Korean boy group Super Junior and has further participated in its subgroup, Super Junior-T as well as project groups Kim Heechul & Kim Jungmo and Universe Cowards with Min Kyung-hoon.. Prior to his debut in Super Junior, Heechul began his.

I think poor translation and some absurd reasons have contributed to misunderstandings by fans in other countries. This will be a very long story, so please read it only if you bother to care. Please bear with me. Are they going to ask every member to leave the group every time a member gets married? The remaining Korean fans have gone through all the crap for 10 years and yet have never given up supporting SJ.

When such dedicated Korean fans go this extreme, there must be a reason and you need to think about why they are going this far instead of blaming them first.

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Let’s get to know who are them Min Jung’s father is the CEO of an advertising agency and her mum is a pianist, and the family has been living in a mansion worth KRW 3. Her late maternal grandfather was a reknowned painter and a poignant figure in Korean art history that pioneered the first generation of modernised ink painters in the country. Apink’s former member, Hong Yookyung Yookyung’s father is the head of a leading steel company in Korea. The A Pink member herself is said to hold some of the company shares.

Summary: Sungmin really wants a boyfriend so his room-mate, Kyuhyun, suggests that he tries online dating. This part his date is Donghae. A Date With Super Junior’s Donghae.

When Kyuhyun won the song challenge in , he said that Sungmin helped him practice the night before. Sungmin was depressed during the promotion of his musical in Super Junior has debuted for 6 years, there must have been many valuable memories! Their relationship was really like brothers, their friendship has only increased through all these years, like they could be friends for a lifetime, and they would cheer each other on outside of performances, we are always touched when we see them!

Siwon really loved Kibum, this adorable dongsaeng. With him here, everybody is very relieved. This time filming in Taiwan, I feel that way tooo. Unknowingly, Super Junior have been together for 6 years, we really have to thank everybody, I hope we are together for an even longer time from now on, and experience sadness and happiness together. I love you and I love you and I love you more!

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I sleep a lot. Sleeping makes me happy. Compared to other forms of addresses, Super Junior is still my favorite. Since trainee days, we cared for each other, received awards, went through tough times and cried together. I have never said this before but I really want to thank the members, who have always been by my side no matter what.

SM Entertainment Confirms Super Junior Member Sungmin is Dating Musical Actress Kim Saeun , NEWS, Sungmin, Super Junior, 0 SM Entertainment has just confirmed that Super Junior member Sungmin is indeed in a relationship with musical actress Kim.

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Interview with Changsub(BTOB), Ken(VIXX), Sungmin(Super Junior) [Entertainment Weekly / 2017.02.20]