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Please review all the options below as well as the catalog to order the perfect knife for your collection. For additional information, please see FAQs. Customizations are limited on different models based on the overall construction of the blade and production limits. Standard on Models “, 6, 8, 21 and A dense laminate of fabric and phenolic resin, veined in color. Very rugged, one of the most durable handle materials. Size and color availability will vary. Available on most Models including Model 14, 15, 16, ” SP 1. Not available on Models 10, 17, 18, and Available on small and medium knives and bowies up to 9″ blade length.

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This small hobby, started by an everyday shift worker at a chemical plant, has grown over the past 30 years into a multi-million dollar business which employs over employees at its sole location in Ooltewah, Tennessee. The business began in Jim’s lunch bucket and quickly grew out of his car trunk, garage, and four increasingly larger warehouses before finding its home in a , square foot plant completed in From to , Jim saw his business interest in knives grow from a hobby to the formation of Frost Distributing company in to the Parker- Frost partnership in The Frost Family The Frost Cutlery story is not a Jim Frost story; many loyal and dedicated employees, including his son Stephen and daughter Stefanie, contribute greatly.

Schatt & Morgan Cutlery Co. – Heritage Series. The Heritage Series were commerative sets of knives created by Schatt & Morgan Cutlery Co. as a testament to their original catalogue dating .

Seems like the Buck doesn’t get much love in this forum. The Buck is one of the all-time greats. In fact it was so influential that for decades, many people called ALL lockbacks “buck knives”. My grandparents still do. However, technology has also come a long way since the Buck was the undisputed king of folding knives, and the does not compare as favorably to the modern folders that have largely replaced it. But while the has stayed the same as a retro classic , the same design has continued to evolve over the years.

The Bucklite series has been modernizing the basic design since the 80’s. One of my favorites is the Gen 2 series of Bucklites shown above next to a Seen side by side, the lineage is obvious. The Bucklite is really just a with a lightweight handle. But that one little change shaves a ton of weight off the knife and makes it a joy to carry.

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While many of us may never be able to afford a “London Best” shotgun, owning an equivalent standard knife may just be a possibility! This particular knife is the larger version and is one of the very nicest you will see, with the gorgeous Snakewood inlays and stunning stainless “Raindrop” damascus by Devin Thomas. Dating from April , this comes complete with box, leather slip, etc.

These damascus versions of the Sebenza are much sought after.

Some Thoughts on Butchers & Other Knives By Gene Hickman Most butcher knives did not look much different in the s than they do today. According to Charles E. Hanson, Jr. in The Museum of the Fur Trade 2 doz. Cartouche Knives 2 doz. Buck Knives 3 doz. Brass inlaid knives 1doz.

Company origins[ edit ] Hoyt H. Buck became a blacksmith ‘s apprentice in Kansas in at the age of In , marking was replaced by a one-piece stamp. Hoyt Buck made 25 knives a week until his death in Its design is one of the most imitated knife patterns in the world. The knife is a heavy duty factory built switchblade which opens with the depression of a button built into the knife handle. There are many different models of Buck knives, including: Imports from this plant had reached a high of 30 percent at one time, [10] but have dropped to 13 percent with the majority of these knives going to large retailers as opposed to sporting goods stores or knife shops.

Products[ edit ] Buck Ranger , a smaller version of the Buck Hunter Buck Knives is an American manufacturer of different styles of knives including the first successful folding lock-blade, introduced in

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Apr 01,  · I have previously had acquired the dating symbols which you posted, but I have been trying to find info on how to date the Custom Buck Kalinga knives. Some have the “anvil” some do not. There are no dots or other symbols on any of the knives I have.

Young Buck had developed an effective method of tempering and had used it in his work of rebuilding worn out grub hoes used by local farmers and gardeners. Those for whom he had worked recognized that the rebuilt hoes were superior to new ones. Because of this, one of his customers asked Buck to forge a knife. Using the same type of worn farriers files that he used to rebuild the cutting edge of hoes, Buck made his first knife, and personal recommendations led to his making others.

As the reputation of his knife spread, he began to custom make knives on a regular but part time basis. After his discharge from the U. Meanwhile, Hoyt Buck had been ordained a minister and had moved to Mountain Home, Idaho, to pastor a small church. His forge was set up in the church basement and he continued to make knives for local customers.

For the first time, knives made at the Buck forge would gain more than a local reputation for quality as the few fortunate servicemen proudly showed their knives to their comrades-in-arms.


Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email A killer and two family members have been jailed for conspiring to a hide a knife set linked to the scene of a murder. Luke Garner was just 16 when he and George Keane, who was 17, stabbed dad-of-two David Scott to death in December Although it was not known which of the two teenagers inflicted the fatal stab wounds, both were found guilty of murder at Newcastle Crown Court , and were later jailed for life.

A court heard how police discovered a knife sharpener steel near to where Mr Scott, who was stabbed five times in his back and abdomen, was killed.

Knives shown from top to bottom: Utica, Pre Camillus, Post 74 Camillus, MSI and Ontario—all found unused in the government wrap. Over the past few years I have obtained quite a few items from the Defense Reutilization and Marketing Office (DRMO) sales.

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The M9 Bayonet The current issue US bayonet for the M16 rifle although relatively new it already has a substantial number of variations both official and commercial. Take a look at http: For more of the trials and development models take a look at Homer Brett’s book on Bayonets which shows many that are unlikely to ever be in most collections due to the very small number of them made. The information below is gleaned from a wide variety of sources, on-line, in print and through discussion on forums or with fellow collectors, any errors or omissions are mine.

Many thanks for many on the M9 Forum for allowing me to use their information and pictures from their personal collections.

Buck Knives offer many flower garden products. There are a few types of blades to choose from as well as knife features. A buyer will have to determine what purpose these people need the knife for, as lot serrated and non-serrated celebrities.

One of the very first production knife companies to employ laser cutting machines to cut their blade blanks, Benchmade has gone on to pioneer other knife making technologies as well. But, the real reason that they have such a solid reputation is the fact that the tolerances of each piece of the knife is checked by hand at each stage of manufacture, and then, the entire knife is assembled by hand by a highly experienced Benchmade bladesmith resulting in meticulously crafted cutlery.

Of course, the Benchmade Presidio is no exception! Available with your choice of a manual or automatic opening mechanism, a plain or serrated edge, and either a stain or a matte black BK1 finish, the Presidio will become your best friend! Also, it features a highly ergonomic pair of handle scales made from machined, aircraft-grade, T6 aluminum with a reversible, tip-up only, steel pocket clip. Widely considered one of the best locking mechanisms in the business, the Axis Lock is an ambidextrous design that consists of a small, hardened, steel bar.

This allows the tang to be wedged between a large-sized stop pin as well as the AXIS bar. Plus, the Axis Bar is also what releases the blade from the closed position on the automatic version and thus, Benchmade Presidio owners not only enjoy the assurance of having one of the strongest folding knife locking mechanisms on the market, they also benefit from a positive opening mechanism that will not fail under pressure.

Last, Benchmade is widely known for their superior customer service and thus, if you ever have any problem with your Presidio, then all you have to do is send it back to Benchmade, and they will fix it for free with no questions asked! Now how is that for customer service? In summary, the Presidio is one of the best production automatic knives a person can buy.

It comes hand assembled every blade by a highly experienced bladesmith. However, the Entourage would also make an excellent everyday carry knife for those who need a tough working knife that they can open single handed.

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Obtain a Buck Knife dating system chart available at the Knife Collector website. If your Buck Knife is manufactured after , match the symbol next to the model number inscribed at the base of the knife blade to the corresponding symbol on the dating system chart.

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