Any preference in year made 10/22 Older vs Newer?

All Nylon 66s have Nylon 66 on the grip cap. Note the Black Diamond version two rifles below the green one as well as the black rifle with the white diamond which is the CBC import rifle second from bottom. The Apache Black on the top stands out in a collection as well Remington also made 3 bolt-action nylon rifles from A smooth bore single shot Nylon 10 was also made in limited numbers. It is known as the Nylon 10 SB. A table full of rare black and chrome Nylon 76 lever actions.

Remington Nylon 66

They also fit the New England Firearms. Both are complete with mounting bolts, just missing the sling swivels on the lighter wood set. This is a must have reference book for Winchester Collectors. Hardbound with DJ in fine condition. The most lavish work ever produced on American long arms, this book has been published with the full cooperation of the Winchester Division of the Olin Corporation, as well as Winchester licensee, the U.

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You may want to give the Nylon 66 barrel bore a close examination, to see if there’s any barrel bore damage because. I was out in the BLM area, having a fun time with rapid firing and I noticed one round where the “crack” of the 22 round firing sounded louder than usual when the cartridge ejected. I gave it no thought but then I noticed that my shot pattern went wild and could not get any accuracy with what I was aiming at.

I gave the barrel bore a hard look and noticed a circular ring about six inches down from the muzzle end of the barrel. I placed my fingers on the outside of the barrel and slid down its length, and felt, six inches down, a perceptible bulge on the barrel. From what I figured, I had fired a swib round where the bullet lodged in the barrel.

The next round fired managed to slam the stuck bullet out of the barrel, but in the process it bulged the bore of the barrel. Surprisingly the rifle could still shoot afterwards, but its accuracy was destroyed. Now, here’s where Ruger stole my idea of its Challenger pistol. I told of my idea to a local gunshop owner. He shook his head and repeatly said, “No!

To this day whenever I see a Ruger Challenger, it always reminds me that I had that idea decades before Ruger brought it to market.

Any preference in year made 10/22 Older vs Newer?

Dale, I’ll Give you what I know: They are made by Ithaca. Ithaca bought out The Lefever Arms Co.

May 07,  · Remington Nylon 66 Discussion in ‘Rimfire Forum’ started by Fla Trooper , Mar 24, Thread Tools. Thread Tools. Print; Page 3 of 3 date code is on it and let me know, I might be interested. The CBCs are every bit as good as the Remington rifles. They were made on machinery set.

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Apr 15,  · A Nylon 66 was used by a Remington professional shooter Tom Frye to hit, in the air, , hand thrown wooden blocks (about 2″ square, if I remember correctly) out of a total of , thrown. This was (and probably still is) the world record for breaking wooden blocks, and was used in Remington advertising copy to illustrate the reliability.

History[ edit ] In the s, Remington Arms was interested in designing a rifle that was cheaper to produce. After analysis, engineers determined that there were savings to be found in the production of the receivers and stocks of rifles. Thus Remington asked chemical engineers at DuPont to come up with a plastic that could replace both the wooden stock and the receiver.

The specs given to DuPont called for a material that could be formed into any shape desired but that also had a high tensile-impact and flexural strength. Zytel is DuPont’s brand name for Nylon. This compound was ultimately used to produce the stock and receiver. Design and features[ edit ] Remington Nylon 66 cycling.

The largely synthetic construction meant that the Nylon 66 could operate without any added lubricants. This made it popular in arctic regions, and indeed there have been many reports of indigenous peoples killing large animals, such as moose, with a. The 77 Apache version has a bright green stock and was sold by K-Mart.

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They also fit the New England Firearms. Both are complete with mounting bolts, just missing the sling swivels on the lighter wood set. This is a must have reference book for Winchester Collectors. Hardbound with DJ in fine condition. The most lavish work ever produced on American long arms, this book has been published with the full cooperation of the Winchester Division of the Olin Corporation, as well as Winchester licensee, the U.

Remington Nylon LR Description: Mohawk Brown Remington nylon LR semi-automatic rifle. All original in good condition. Normal minor scuff marks on nylon. Never polished. These are very good, very lightweight cal. rifles. Excellent for a camp gun or for a beginner and a lot of fun to shoot.

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Nylon 66 help

Elgin, Arizona Rupestris, You have fine rifle. I’ve been shooting them since the 60’s and have owned 8 of them. I think they are some of the finest. Don’t be intimidated by the innards of these things they really aren’t that difficult to assemble again once you have them apart.

Main Home Page Main site home page. Remington Shotguns World’s most popular shotguns. Remington Firearms Serial Numbers Decoding the serial number.

Originally Posted by Nathan Detroit Had a really bad experience with a 66 many years back. Still have bad memories because of it. I had to dispatch a cat that was bothering the farm animals. I was in a kneeling position, very solid, holding for the head with a decent quality scope. I had sighted the thing in and “knew” where it was hitting. The shot hit two inches low. Afterwards, I went back behind the barn and checked the zero.

It was right “on”. Turned out that when I had zeroed it I had my support arm well forward on the forend.

Remington Nylon 66

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Remington Nylon 66

Semi-automatic rifle — A semi-automatic rifle is a self-loading rifle that fires a single round each time the trigger is pulled. In contrast, an automatic rifle continuously fires rounds as long as the trigger is pressed. The ability to load the next round allowed for an increase in the rounds per minute the operator could fire. These rifles are known as self-loading rifles or auto-loading rifles and are often mistaken for automatic rifles or machine guns.

Self-loading rifles were one of the most revolutionary designs in the history of warfare and they can be efficiently fed by en-bloc clip and internal magazine, detachable magazine or a combination of stripper clip and internal magazine.

Jan 09,  · I was wondering if any one would be able to tell me appx. value of a nylon 66 says pat. pending. remington 22 LR only. I know it is over years old not sure where to find the any numbers on it. have a attached a few photos not the greatest.

There are basically three ways to determine when your rifle was made. They are date codes, serial numbers and rifles features. These should give you the month and year it was made. All the nylon rifles have date codes though sometimes the codes are confusing. When that happens a combination of serial numbers and design changes can be used in conjunction with the date codes to get a good fix on when the rifle was made. In this case EF Remington stamped a two letter code on the barrels of all their rifles.

The first letter is the month, the second letter is the year. The second letter is the year. Remington simply used the alphabet for the year code and when they got to the end they simply started over, well sort of. Since the Nylon 66 started in the code that year was an F. For some reason they skipped O in and went to P. In they skipped the Q and used R. Somebody figured out that they forgot to use I, O, Q and R so they used those letters for Note that they used used several of the letters twice.

remington nylon 66 mohawk brown

The “66” comes from the 66th prototype polymer during the design selection process that was eventually decided to be fit for use. The Nylon 66 was initially placed on the market in after extensive, and successful, testing to prove that the polymer stock and receiver could handle the use and abuse in many situations, without proper traditional cleaning practices.

The Nylon 66 was in production from , with over 1, , units produced.

This page may be out of date. Save your draft before refreshing this page. How does the Remington Model compare as a replacement to the Remington Model Woodsmaster? How is the value of a Remington Nylon 66 rifle be determined? Ask New Question.

No wonder I can’t find a clean 66 anywhere! Any idea where I could find a clean, used, or new stock that wouldn’t break the bank? I can get the rifle cheap, go thru it to clean and replace worn out parts, and then put it back together in another stock. As I understand it, stocks are pretty much gone. I do want a 66, and I always have. Tell me what you think of the CBC Brazilian copy, if you would.

The one’s I have handled seem faithful to the original 66, albeit a touch rougher in quality. I would take a CBC, if I could ever find another one.

Remington Nylon 66